Discover cheerful Taevaskoja!

The ecotourism center offers rich experiences in Estonia

Why come to Taevaskoja?

  • Healthy catering

    Healthy catering

    Local service providers prefer the produce of local farmers and forest products than to supermarket goods. Upon making breakfast, lunch and dinner if necessary, are taken into account the special nature and the desires of the entire company of people.

  • Exciting adventure tourism

    Exciting adventure tourism

    The Taevaskoja area is well-known, in particular in terms of invigorating wilderness hiking. The local rivers and forests are an ideal environment for active recreation. In addition to hiking opportunities, the region has a high-quality adventure park and a disc-golf course. In the winter time, one can enjoy sledge and sleigh rides with horses.

  • Interesting sights

    Interesting sights

    Every Estonian is supposed to make a mandatory visit to Big Taevaskoja. If you have not done so, then it's worth setting your steps hither in the nearest future. Once you're already at Big Taevaskoja, you have no other choice than check out also Small Taevaskoja. Moving thus around, you will have visited the most important points of the Ahja primeval valley landscape conservation area.

  • Beautiful wilderness

    Beautiful wilderness

    Taevaskoja, on the banks of the Primeval valley of Ahja River, is among the most visited tourist attractions of Estonia. The most beautiful part of the Ahja Landscape Protection Area is made up of a sandstone outcrop and a primeval river. The legends of Taevaskoja talk about caves and secret passageways, devils and girls with flaxen hair and a golden comb.

Service providers

  • Taevaskoja Salamaa Camping

    Taevaskoja Salamaa Camping

    Accommodation and catering for 2-43 people. Theme Rooms on the topics of folk traditions In the territory a merry Romp Playground for children. Gorgeous heritage programs and nature hikes.

  • Taevaskoja Recreation Centre

    Taevaskoja Recreation Centre

    Accommodation and catering for 10-90 people. On the territory are an adventure park, barbecue areas, football and basketball court, and a camping area.

  • Põlva Peasant Museum

    Põlva Peasant Museum

    The museum park contains 19th-century parish center buildings, farm buildings, and a windmill. In addition, a natural model of Põlva County, a playground with a village swing, picnic places, the pillars of energy, fresh water spring, and much more.

  • Matkajuht


    The most versatile organizer of adventure tourism and experience catering in the area. Various trips on rivers, forests, and bogs. Unique feasts prepared on fires and served in the wild.

  • Kassioru Rest House

    Kassioru Rest House

    Accommodation and catering for 2 to 26 people. In the neighborhood is a 100-year old watermill. Organization of canoe and scooter trips. Rental of boats and paddleboards. Caravan site, barbecue places and a sauna.

National Geographic

“For Põlvamaa and the locals everything natural and nature-related is extremely important. This is a place truly worth discovering – with its rich and clean nature and the traditional lifestyle”

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