The Taevaskoja area offers a wealth of opportunities for active recreation. In the forests and woods are organized guided hiking, scooter and bicycle trips and on the rivers canoeing, kayaking, and rafting trips.

The region has a high-quality adventure park and a disc-golf course. Most local service providers carry out exciting team games outdoor trainings and tours. In the winter time, it is possible to order kicksled rides, sleigh and sledge rides with horses.

Walking and bogshoeing tours

A guided walking tour is the best way to see the sights of Taevaskoja. As a rule, the tours are about six kilometers long and last a couple of hours. Walking tours are suitable for people of all ages. In addition to finding the right path the tour guides tell interesting facts and stories about the region.

Bogshoeing is a real recreation. Bogs and marshes are the places where you hardly end up often. Local tour guides have picked out the most interesting hiking routes in the region. In addition to the bogshoes that are comfortably attached to the feet, on the hike are used hiking sticks with large rings, with which one can support the body on the turf. For children are available children’s bogshoes.

Walking and snowshoeing tours are also carried out in the winter no matter how thick the snowdrifts. Ask local service providers also about conducting the hikes at night with torches. A memory lasting an entire life.

Bicycles and scooter trips

A scooter has a peculiar way for wandering in the forests and woods. On scooter trips are used scooters with large wheels specially designed for riding in the landscape. The technique of riding this gadget is easy to learn. The trip will take place at a regular pace, and does not require any special physical fitness.

In order to discover the delights of Taevaskoja at a faster pace, you do not have to drag the bicycle here from a far away place. Many service providers rent decent mountain bikes for a moderate fee and for good measure, provide a safety helmet for the trip.

Canoeing, kayaking and rafting

Water trips are organized in Taevaskojas on the Ahja and Võhandu Rivers. Trips include equipment, briefing and security from the shores. If you wish, you can hire a tour guide to accompany you on the trip to weave exciting stories along the way.

The canoe is open from the top and steered with a paddle, the kayak is closed on the top and steered with pedals. There are two types of rafts. One raft is three canoes connected to each other with a wood plate. The second one is essentially a large inflatable boat.

Of these three options, a raft is the safest water vehicle. Next, kayak and last, canoe. If you have never been in contact with water tours, or if small children participate in the trip, it is recommended to order a more leisurely trip on the Ahja River. The Võhandu River is better suited for those looking for more extreme excitement.

Riverboat Lonny

Lonny is 12 meters long and 5 meters wide, and it can carry up to 36 passengers plus crew. A quiet and environmentally friendly engine allows to enjoy the natural environment on board Lonny, without the unpleasant noise.

The route of Lonny runs along the Saesaare reservoir and the River Ahja. On the way, you can just enjoy the most popular sights of the River Ahja and the sandstone outcrops.

Winter hikes

During the winter period, one can hike in Taevaskojas with snowshoes and kicksledge. In addition, it is possible to experience the fun sledge and sleigh rides with a horse.

Modern kicksledges are made of lightweight materials and are a swift means of movement. Especially on the ice. While on hikes, people usually move in snowy forest roads, it makes sense, in the event of a decent winter weather hiking, to ask the tour guide whether it is possible to make a joyride on the river ice. It is possible to make the wind swish properly in your ears while riding a kicksledge.

Sledge and sleigh rides are definitely worth experiencing in Taevaskoja. A sledge is an easy thing to ride, and it can accommodate up to six adults at a time. And twice as many children. The sleigh is a more convenient and luxurious choice. It can accommodate three adults or up to five children.

Roping trail and disc-golf

In the roping trail of Taevaskoja Recreation Centre there are over 20 different attractions such as the Nepalese bridge, hanging climbing wall, a 100m zip line, a beam, a skip, and many more exciting things.

The roping trail is suitable for children from the age of 12, with a height of at least 140cm. If you wish, you can also use the roping trail at night. Rambling around with forehead lamps in the darkness of the night in trees is a fascinating and mystical experience.

The Disc Golf Course is located in the Mammaste Recreational Sports Center. In its fundamentals, disc golf is similar to the normal golf. Disc Golf Course consists mostly of 9-18 or more special baskets with chains.
The Mammaste trail is one of the favorites of Estonian players. Its terrain is ideal for disc golf because there are a lot of highs and lows. The Mammaste trail is also well suited for beginners because the landscape is not complicated.

Experience catering

In order to get the full experience of Taevaskoja, in addition to adventures, it’s worthwhile to order experience catering or a feast prepared on a fire and served in the wild. After movement in fresh air, tasting exciting dishes in the nature is particularly enjoyable. The local pioneer of excitement catering is Matkajuht.

However, if the food prepared on the fire is not palatable for you, almost all the local service providers offer high quality and healthy catering in more civilized conditions.